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Hexagon Box Tutorial with Einat

Hi dear crafty friends!

Einat Here with a new project and tutorial to inspire you!

You know how much I love boxed and the Studio 75 papers are perfect for them because they are heavy enough to carry the weight. So today I have a fun tutorial for you: how to create a hexagon box.

Start with two pieces of 12x6 double sided cardstock. Score them horizontally at 3, 6 and 9. Turn the paper and score vertically at 5. 

Cut on the four score lines until the horizontal score line to create tabs.

Fold all the score lines. Apply glue on one of the squares on the edge of the paper.

Attach the two pieces of paper by overlapping the two edge squares. 

Repeat on the other side to create the box.

Place the box on a 12x12 paper and trace the hexagon shape with a pencil. Cut it out.

Apply glue on bottom of tabs.

Attach the hexagon shape to the bottom of box.

To create the lid of the box trace the hexagon box on a 12x12 paper. Add 1 1/2" to around the traced hexagon and cut on the outer line.

Use a ruler to draw vertical lines on both sides of each corner. The lines should be in a 90 degrees relative to the hexagon pencil line.

Draw a diagonal line from the corner to the edge corner.

Cut out right triangle. Fold on the left line.

Fold all pencil lines. Apply glue on left triangle.

Attach triangle to inside of the lid flap. Repeat on all corners to create the lid.

Your box is ready! Now all you need is to embellish it!

Supplies used:

Have fun creating!

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